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About Us

Urgent Diagnostic Imaging Center, Inc provides same day mobile and onsite ultrasound services at the physicians offices, clinics, professional facilities, nursing homes, retirement communities, urgent care facilities or the patient’s home.

Urgent Diagnostic Imaging Center, Inc provides on-site and mobile ultrasound imaging to the best quality of care. Ultrasound testing is offered at various Urgent Care facilities throughout Los Angeles, the same day as patients’ walk ins. Our sonographers have 15 years of experience and are licensed by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS). All procedures are interpreted by Board Certified radiologists. Preliminary reports are available upon completion of the exam and the final reports are faxed within 24 hours. We accept most insurances, including Medicare, PPO’s, HMO’s and cash. We do not require prior authorization for patients with HMO insurance plans.

Our services are highly convenient and cost-efficient for patients-we eliminate the need of visiting an ER for numerous hours, in which we complete the same, in-depth procedures and for a fraction of the price. With our years of experience, our sonographers are capable of diagnosing complex and life-threatening cases, such as blood clots, acute appendicitis, heart attacks, kidney stones, and gallstones. For elderly and disabled patients, our sonographers complete the ultrasound testing at their home, for their comfort.   

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